We've decided to create a not-for-profit bulk order service on NWSL jerseys until we find a more long term solution to making women's replica jerseys accessible everywhere. Jersey deliveries from The NWSL league usually come to around $30 per sale with import costs of around 10-15% on total sale amount. Therefore if we bulk purchase for multiple customers we can split the cost of delivery and the taxes between multiple users. 


Every 4-6 weeks (or maybe more) we'll do an order with The NWSL (we'll need at least 10 orders to justify making the order). All orders will arrive in The UK and we'll forward on using our courier. 


Please note: we are happy to refund you if you're not able to wait or you change your mind (before the order is made). 


At the moment we stock uni-sex fit only (straight cut) and we have black and white NWSL font for various players names. We will only have 3 of each nameset available and cannot deviate from the list below! 

NWSL Pre-Order