The NWSL jersey saga

A lot of UK and European Foudys followers have reached out about NWSL club jerseys and the lack of accessibility in Europe. Firstly, I hear you loud and clear. My wish has always been to collaborate with The NWSL in bringing jerseys to The UK.

I've had regular conversations with a few of the US clubs merchandising departments as well as The NWSL themselves but after 2 years I feel it's time to take decisive action on behalf of the European fans who deserve access to merchandise as much as the American fans do.

I've therefore decided to do a pre-order option for fans which will reduce the overall cost of the jersey and the shipping by doing bulk orders monthly/every 6-8 weeks. We'll be launching this project in the coming weeks.

How it works

1. You'll order the jersey you want from the NWSL pre-order collection on our website

2. Once we receive at least 10 orders we'll get them shipped to The UK to Foudys HQ

3. We'll then forward your package onto you for a small fee (for UK customers this will be £5.99)

This plan will lose us money but it will fulfil our promise to make women's football accessible worldwide. Hopefully we can find a better solution soon!


Founder of Foudys

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