Reviewing February 2021 & What's to come

As we enter week 12 we've been reviewing the last few months. What a whirlwind!

In December 2020 we launched with 8 jerseys on our site, all of them FAWSL jerseys. Since then, we've launched 23 jerseys including NWSL, International and European stunners!

Here's a debrief of the last few weeks and also a peek at what's to come in March...

- We've had (and fulfilled) requests for jerseys all over the world of women's football including our first goalkeeper jersey requests. As a result of this we'll be adding goalkeeper jerseys to our store for the start of the 2021/22 season!

- We've had 454 people sign up to our mailing list via (and they tell us that woso isn't commercially viable... ha!)

- In February we sold jerseys to Canada, Australia, France, America, Brazil, England, Scotland, Singapore and the list goes on 🔥

- We've launched a TrustPilot account: so far we're on 100% 5* reviews. Thank you thank you thank you!

- We've had our first complaint :( - We've had tonnes of meetings about how we wanted to be as a company and we are all determined to face things head on. Here's a blog we wrote about it:

- We've done our first kids prints. We'll be looking to add kids kits for the 2021/22 season too!

What's to come?

- We're continuing to reach out and have conversations with The NWSL and we're hoping to still fulfil our promise of having every NWSL jersey on our store by the end of 2021

- We've sourced a small stock of USWNT jerseys which will be landing very soon!

- We're going to trial having a Lyon jersey in the store. You can't be a woso store without selling the European giants right?

- We're looking into World Cup, Champions League and "the causes" patches.

- We're sourcing one-off jerseys. We've found a very rare used O'Hara USA red jersey that's not been replicated since it was created. We'll be adding this (and other rare finds) to a new section of the website.

- We'll be adding more jerseys for the start of the 2021/22 season as well as getting some stock in of some of the popular 2020/21 jerseys.

- We're considering adding some foudys items to the store too! They're organic, high quality embroided items and they're so comfy :)

We're super excited about what's to come!

Thanks for the support,

H x

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