Our first complaint

We’ve had our first complaint. It’s always going to happen when you’re printing and posting tonnes of jerseys and it’s something that’s part of being a business. As a person I appreciate communication and clarity, so I want to face it head on and communicate my personal policy on issues that arise. I also want to be clear that we may grow and I may no longer be able to oversee every order and every communication... but right now this is the way I want to do it (with honesty and fairness).

Our first complaint came from a customer who had an issue with the upcycle service (not with the lettering/alignment etc but with a mark left on the jersey from an envelope). We asked the customer to send the jersey back to us so we could take a look and sort it out / refund them / send them a new jersey. We offered to pay for the postage. The customer didn’t want to do this.

Here at Foudys we’ve always had the stance that customer service is paramount. We are also women’s football fans. We are sat next to you in the stands at Leigh Sports Village, The Academy Stadium, Borehamwood FC and the rest. Our standing in the football community is important to us and we will always act with integrity.

Therefore, if anything like this happens:

  1. We will always respond to your issue as quickly as possible.

  2. We will always be open, honest and fair.

  3. We will often ask to see the product ourselves. We’ll ask you to post your product back to us (free postage) for us to take a look. This is so we can learn, so we can try and rectify the error and so we can adapt our processes (we are a brand new baby company!)

  4. If we notice an issue before posting the product to you then we will confront that issue. We will never knowingly send you something that we know isn’t perfect.

  5. We will always refund you or replace the item(s) if we have done something wrong. We will never hide from you.

  6. We recognise that mistakes happen and we will apologise.

What we’d ask in return is that you reach out to us if you have an issue and be honest and fair with us too. We’ve been in existence for 11 weeks and we’re learning. I would never want a customer to message other members of the community telling them about their hideous experience with Foudys but not say it to us directly. Often it gets back to us anyway (we’re members of the community too!) and to be totally honest, it hurts hearing from a mate. For me personally this is my life. I have committed myself to making this happen and creating a space for women’s fans.

We really do respect feedback and that’s why we’ve launched Trustpilot! We also welcome your emails and written feedback: and

Thanks to all our amazing customers. I hope you appreciate the honesty!

H x

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