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Back in April as a team we discussed what we saw as the main aims of our second season as an organisation and right at the top of the list were kids shirts.

Firstly, our biggest objective when we started Foudys in 2020 was to increase awareness around women's football and I can't think of a better way to achieve that then through the next generation of players wearing proper women's jerseys.

Secondly, and I'm not gonna lie, it's a huge area of profit for us. A lot of jersey merchandise in football is aimed at kids, and the personalisation is where our main source of income comes from which helps us to grow and keep doing what we're doing.

Stupidly we promoted the fact we wanted to introduce kids kits on our social media before checking with the manufacturer that they actually did kids sized letters and numbers. Understandable right? We just assumed that the core women's football market (aka young families) would have official merch available to them. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Here's the response from The WSL jersey lettering manufacturer:

The response from The WSL manufacturer

Shocking right?

Apart from the fact that there's literally no way of knowing if something is going to be popular or viable without physically trying it out... it's also counterproductive. We have major Women's TV rights deals, men's stadiums hosting games and young fans can't even buy a proper shirt (which invests directly into the women's game)!

What we're doing about it:

Rather than moan for the next 12-24 months about it we thought we'd test out the adult lettering on kids kits of various sizes. We've now done a load of age 7-8 shirts with great success. The shirts look fab and the numbering doesn't look too out of place. Any younger than 7 is a real squeeze unfortunately.

Picture of a Chelsea 2021 Home shirt (Age 7) with adult sized lettering

The adult numbers work perfectly for jerseys age 10 and over. The adult numbers are 23cm high and the kids numbers are 17cm high so the difference isn't huge.

We've added a junior FA WSL section to our site HERE where you can get the top 5 FA WSL clubs kits. If you're looking for another WSL or Championship shirt then please just reach out to us via our requests page HERE and we'll see what we can do.

Thank you (as always) for your support!


Founder of Foudys

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